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A transmission being repaired

When your transmission fluid is contaminated, so is your car

If you have a transmission problem

We can help you solve it

A regular transmission flush only replaces around 40% of the transmission fluid in your vehicle, so if it's contaminated, most of that contaminated fluid will remain.


Don't let this happen to you - call Kim's Auto Service today and get a full transmission fluid flush to keep your car clean.

Get a complimentary diagnostic check anytime you bring your car in.

• Automatic transmission repairs

• Manual transmission repairs

• Front differential

• Rear differential

It's our mission to make your vehicle's transmission work better for you

• CVT Transmission problems

• Transmission failure

• Clutch repair

• Transmission flushes

• Transmission fluid changes

Make an appointment with the shop that can see you on a Saturday.

If your transmission is overheating, you can cool off while our experienced mechanics take care of the problem.

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