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Battery of a car Electrical circuit of a vehicle

We'll sort things out before your car short circuts

If your electrical systems are going haywire

We can help shed some light on the problem

Automotive electrical systems in your car are the lifeline for your entire vehicle, and if one of them is shorting out, your car may not be getting the power it needs to run properly.


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• Car battery: The main source of power for your vehicle. If the battery dies, so does your car.


• Alternator: This recharges your car's battery while the car is on.

Do you know the source of your car's electrical problems?

• Starter: This initiates the combustion process within the cylinders and starts the engine.


• Connectors: Cables and connectors that transfer electricity throughout the car.

Get a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on replacement electrical parts.

If any one of the above systems isn't running correctly, it can affect the other electrical systems in your car as well. Bring your vehicle to Kim's Auto Service and let our experienced mechanics help you.

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