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An oil being poured at the engine

An oil change doesn't have to just be about changing oil

We'll help you keep up on oil changes

So your car can keep up with your lifestyle

You deserve an expert service that will not only change your oil, but will give your car a full inspection and leave your vehicle cleaner than it was.


And when you bring your car to Kim's Auto Service, that's the exact expert service you'll receive.

Save with our affordable prices, and get a complimentary car inspection.

• Oil filter checks

• Wiper blade checks

• Belt checks

• Brake fluid checks

• Tire pressure checks

• Exterior light checks

Make the most of your oil change by bringing your car to us:

• Transmission fluid checks

• Power steering fluid checks

• Battery water checks

• Windshield washer fluid checks

• Differential fluid checks

• Transfer case fluid checks

The make and model of your car doesn't matter - our experts can help.

Any auto shop can give your car an oil change. Only Kim's Auto Service does an entire inspection on your car, for free, when you bring your car in for an oil change.

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