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Make the right decisions when purchasing a used vehicle

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Buying a new car is always exciting, but when that new car is a pre-owned vehicle, you might be getting more than you bargained for. By utilizing our pre-purchase evaluation services, we can run a diagnostic inspection on your desired car and help you find the vehicle's true worth.

Get the honest opinion on your used car that you deserve with us.

• Engine inspection

• Brake inspection

• Transmission inspection

• Electrical system inspection

• Lighting system inspection

Get a full vehicle evaluation on a used car before you buy:

• Cooling system inspection

• Exhaust system inspection

• Tire inspection

• Radiator inspection

• Battery inspection

If you're too busy for an inspection during the week, we're open Saturdays.

Don't get stuck with a used car that won't run a month from now. Bring it to Kim's Auto Service and our experts will help you find out if the car is worth your money.

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